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Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price (MSRP)

Actual retail prices may vary by dealer. MSRP applies to the continental 48 United States and does not include such items as delivery, installation, installation accessories (i.e. range cords), or removal of old appliances. Consult your local authorized GE dealer for its prices.

ADA Compliant

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Custom Panels Required

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  • Stainless steel panels can be purchased from GE through the Parts and Accessories Store.
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GE® 115 Volt Room Air Conditioner


$199 MSRP

Available at Wal-Mart



12 3/4 in x 18 19/32 in x 15 23/32 in



  • 6,400 BTU, 10.7 EER, 115 Volts
  • Fits windows 22-1/2” - 38” wide, minimum height 13-1/2”
  • R-410A refrigerant
  • Electronic digital thermostat
  • Remote control

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Available at Wal-Mart



Airflow (cfm) Roomside (hi/low) 180/-
Chassis Type Fixed
Delay Timer 24-Hour On/Off
Fan Speed Selections 3 Cooling
3 Fan Only
Filter Type One Touch Lift-Out
Louver Style 4-Way
Plug Type Parallel/NEMA 5-15
Remote Control Yes
Rotary Compressor Yes
Thermostat Type Electronic
Unit Type Cool Only
Vent/Air Exchange Exhaust Top Discharge
Refrigerant Type R-410A


Cooling BTUH (MAX) 6400.0 Btu
Cooling EER (BTUH / Watt) 10.7
Dehumidification (pts./hr.) 1.5


Color Appearance Cool White
Installation EZ Mount

Claims & Certifications



Energy Saver Yes


Approximate Shipping Weight 53 lb
Depth to Louvers 4 23/32 in
Grille Depth 1 13/32 in
Min./Max. Window Opening Width (in.) 22-1/2 /38
Minimum Window Opening Height (in.) 13-1/2
Net Weight 46 lb
Overall Depth 15 23/32 in
Overall Height 12 3/4 in
Overall Width 18 19/32 in


Cooling - Rated Cooling Amps AHAM 5.3
Cooling - Watts 590
Voltage (MAX) 115.0 V


Warranty Notes Replacement
See written warranty for full details
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Energy Guide
Energy Guide

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4.6 5 8 8
Good Product The only problem with this a/c is when it is on econ mode the fan needs to come on every 10 min. or so for about 1 min. to move air across the temp sensor so the unit can check the temp to see if it needs to start the compressor and start cooling. An other company units do this and the room does not heat up so much before the unit comes on. I also have a GE 18,000 unit I bought a 120VAC computer cooling fan that pulls 11 watts and moves 54 CFM of air hung it on 2 pc of copper wire in front of the intake grill on my A/C and now my unit comes on and off more often allowing me to set it at 80? before I had it set at 77? and almost froze or cooked now my room is very even temp at 78? on the side of the room 20 feet from the unit. June 11, 2013
Works like a champ! Replaced a 15+ years old unit with higher BTUs in a bedroom in an old house that could use the electricity re-wired. Easy install, cranked right up, cooled better than the old one. The nice thing about it's being a newer, more efficient model is that we can now run all 3 units in the house at the same time without popping a fuse. June 11, 2013
Great unit for the money I bought this unit to replace an old kenmore 10000 btu unit that was cooling my office space. The space is 12x15, but contains 3 computers that run 24/7, a deep freezer, a 1965 hotpoint refrigerator/freezer, and around 20-30 various chargers. In the winter I don't need a heater as the equipment here more than adequately heats the space. Ease of Installation: Remove everything from box, cut some foam, apply some sticky foam to top rail, screw top rail into place, insert baffles, foam the window edge, shove foam in between window panes, screw in window lock, screw in 1 baffle (i like being able to access the other so i can test usb cams in daylight).. From start to finish, including unpacking, it took me 45 minutes or so, working in the dark, and 10-15 minutes of that was spent rearranging things to reach the dedicated power outlet. If you know what a screw and a screwdriver are, you are good to go. Performance: From the time I removed the old a/c to the time I had this one in and powered up, the room had risen to 82 degrees. I set the temp on this a/c at 74, set mode to cool, and fan to auto, then left for 20 minutes to run an errand. When I returned, the room was at 76 and dropping. That's better than my 10k btu did when new. Quality: The build is good where it counts, for the most part. Pros: Cabinet is well constructed and doesn't flex when moved Filter cover is secure and won't bump open Filter cover actually pushes filter and holds it in place Panel interface is intuitive Bright white instead of creme or beige Remote has a magnet so you can just stick it to the fridge or a filing cabinet Cons: Remote is infrared, so you need an unobstructed view Air louvres (on mine at least) do not like to adjust up, only down. Not sure if the case has a slight dent or if this was a molding error. Foam pack behind the louvres (part that seperates indoors from outdoors) is so thin that it is lit up until the sun goes down. As it is styrofoam and not aerogel, it could benefit from being a bit thicker or having a mylar sheet bonded to it. Delay timer is mostly useless... It works like this, set it for 5 hours when it is off, and it will turn on in 5 hours, set it to 5 hours when it is on and it will turn off in 5 hours. only goes to 24 hours by the way, so if you are going camping, you can't set it for 48 or 72 hours... Features: Fan has auto/high/med/low, Modes are cool/energy saver/fan only. All modes work as expected, and auto actually works much better than any other a/c I have had with an auto mode. I guess the timer function could be useful if you are going to work for 8 hours and set the timer to turn the unit on an hour before you get home.. Appearance: It's white, blindingly so, looks like just about any other a/c unit. Would have preferred something either sleeker or more industrial, but looks don't affect the product's operation. Value: I paid a bit less than the MSRP and can honestly say, it's probably a good buy even at the MSRP. Noise level: The noise level is low, it is not whisper quiet, but that's near impossible without a split system. I had no problems sleeping through part of the day with it on auto. Fan is extremely quiet, compressor hum is less than what I am used to. If I had taken the time to actually use some gasketing to isolate it completely from the window frame, it would probably be as close to whisper quite as you can get without a split level. Suggestions to GE: Go with thicker foam for the core, or add mylar to the existing core back. Change remote to rf. Make the screw tabs on the baffles come out farther, there was almost no way to secure the baffle without splitting the wood. Add a real programmable timer, or at least extend the timer functionality to 99 hours to utilize the existing display. It would be nice if I could head out for the weekend and have the a/c cut on 2 hours or so before my expected arrival time. It may add a couple of dollars to the final product, but the final product would be near perfect. In closing: This unit has outperformed my expectations, and the only real issues I have with it are small issues related to tooling. The timer issue is just personal preference as is the remote issue. I can honestly highly recommend this a/c unit as the price is good for the performance, and the noise level is acceptable. May 29, 2013
real nice one cold fast,, engery saver is a big happy with it.. May 27, 2013
Great AC for the $, poor mounts I bought two of these to put in BR windows. I just installed one and everything seems fine. I can't really comment on the cooling yet because it's about 50 outside here Memorial Day weekend, yuck. The only negative I've found so far is in the way it mounts. The rubber accordions are better than the old plastic type but really don't seal well. Besides that, the screw holes in the slides are so close to the edge of the wood that they are useless, they'll split the window wood. I'll have to rig something myself. I can't believe that they have such a great product with such a crumby mounting system. Back to the CAD GE for the mounts. May 25, 2013
I enjoy this product This is truly a great product. We bought it to cool a one room in the house and it is providing a cooling effect for at three rooms. Great job GE. May 22, 2013
Cools Quickly We bought this for our dormer bedroom our whole home ac just couldn't cool the bedroom upstairs. Came home before installing and room was 90 degrees in less than 1/2 hour room was at 72 degrees May 14, 2013
Works great Efficient; maintains temp. setting really well. We have it installed in a screen room with metal roof and it keeps the room very comfortable. Quiet too. April 26, 2013
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