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GE® Universal Water Pitcher Replacement Filters


This model is no longer being manufactured




  • SmartOrder
    This item is eligible for GE's SmartOrder Subscription Program.
  • Reduces lead, mercury, copper, zinc, chlorine taste & odor, particulates and sediment
  • Replacement filter for water pitcher GXPL03H
  • Package contains three filters
  • Filters last up to 40 gallons per filter or 2 months

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This model is no longer being manufactured



Cadmium Reduction 98.2% @6.5 pH
Chlorine Taste and Odor Reduction 87%
Copper Reduction 89.2% @ 6.5 pH
Lead Reduction 98.5% @ 6.5 pH
Mercury Reduction 91.6% @ 6.5 pH
Zinc Reduction 65%
Bacterio-Static Yes
Feed Water pH Limits 6.4 - 9.1
Feed Water Pressure (psi) Atmosphere
Feed Water Temperature 35-85 F
Filter Cartridge GAC/Resin
Filter Life 2 Months or 40 gallons
Maximum Chlorine in Supply (PPM) 4.0
Maximum TDS (PPM) 2000
NSF Particulate Class V Yes


Approximate Shipping Weight 0 lb
Net Weight 0 lb
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