GE® Electric Water Heater


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This model is no longer being manufactured

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  • Full 2-year in-home warranty; limited 6-year warranty on tank and functional parts (see written warranty for complete details)
  • Space saving design
    Allows installation in limited spaces
  • Temperature and pressure relief valve included
  • Built-in temperature protector
    Cuts off the power in excess temperature situations
  • Supplemental hot water use for offices, vacation homes, recreational vehicles and workshops

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GE® Electric Water Heater - GE20P06SAG

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GE® Electric Water Heater - GE20P06SAG

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Same as the one I replaced. Nothing improved. Bought a park model to rent out. Water heater came with it. The main complaints I have on this unit and the one I replaced is there is no drain valve at the bottom side of the water heater to drain the water once every six months and to get to the anode rod to check or change it out I'd have to shut off the electric, unhook the water, drain the water heater, pull it out of the little hole it is in the park model. Remove screws and insulation to get to the anode rod. In my 5th wheel trailer, the anode rod is also the plug located at the bottom side of the water heater. Just have to shut off the electric and drain. Easy. Unlike this product. Unfortunately the park model is a rental so can't wait several days to research water heaters as well as I would have liked or can't order one since renters can't go without hot water more then a day. Also wasn't much of a selection at the stores in town either. No doubt other people having to replace leaking water heaters, so had to put in the same type I replaced that only lasted 5 years. January 1, 2013
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GE® Electric Water Heater - GE20P06SAG

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