GE® Tall Tub Built-In Dishwasher


This model is no longer being manufactured

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Approx. Dimensions (HxWxD)

33 3/4 in x 24 in x 25 in

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  • 5-stage filtration with Piranha™ hard food disposer
    5 self-cleaning filters ensure clean dishes
  • Dedicated Silverware Jets
    Highly pressurized spray jets target the silverware area for improved cleaning
  • Steam PreWash
    Loosens tough soils before any cycle virtually eliminating the need for soaking or pre-rinsing dishes
  • Clean sensor
    A highly sensitive laser continually monitors the soil level and temperature in every cycle, adjusting water and cycle times as needed for the optimal cleaning results
  • Natural convection heated dry option
    A drying element effectively dries dishes reducing the need to towel dry after unloading

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GE® Tall Tub Built-In Dishwasher - GLD5604VWW

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GE® Tall Tub Built-In Dishwasher - GLD5604VWW

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GLD5604VWW 2.5 5 13 13
Good Dishwasher Good Dishwasher with Plenty of Features. The steam feature and saniwash feature are very helpful and effective June 24, 2013
Overall - Very Good Dishwasher Good Features: 1) The tall tube is nice so that tall items can be put in bottom rack 2) Good value - for purchase price at Lowes 3) After one year of operation, it has had no mechanical problems (purchased on 5/19/12). 3) Tall glasses can be put on right side of top rack 4) Nylon racks are holding up so far. Cons: One time the normal cycle did not reset correctly and the disk washer soap dispenser did not open for the cycle. I read instructions to shut power off in order to reset operation like a computer. It worked proper after starting other cycles. April 5, 2013
Does not clean well at all. This dishwasher somehow manages to perform worse than a 15 year old dishwasher, using the same detergent. I thought appliances were supposed to improve in performance over time! Like others have said, you have to pre-wash all the dishes in the sink if you expect them to actually be clean. April 3, 2013
Worst dishwasher ever This is the worst dishwasher I have ever had. Have to clean all dishes before they go in dishwasher or they do not clean at all leave white residue on all my glasses. If my door did not break on my other dishwasher I would have had them re install that one March 29, 2013
Not very satisfied I've been very unhappy with this dishwasher. It does not get my dishes clean- I'm always having to rewash items by hand after running a cycle. And it has a nasty odor after running the rinse cycle, from day 1. February 24, 2013
good basic dishwasher I didn't expect much from this machine since I shopped purposely in the lowest price range due to my budget. but I am very happy with the quietness of it, how clean it gets my dishes & how dry things are when using heated dry option. plastics are the usual exception, but that's expected. i also like how much space there is to load things both on top & bottom racks. it comes with extra racks for wine glasses, etc, but i haven't needed them thus far. if i wanna sanitize or get severely dirty pans/dishes clean, the stronger cycle options (i.e., sanitize) do the trick. i haven't had any filmy residue like other reviewers mentioned--diligent about using the rinse agent probably helps. i really feel i got more than my monies' worth! of course, it's just for me as a single, so i dunno how it'd hold up against a larger family load. but so far I'm thrilled with it. December 8, 2012
decent dishwasher.. Its a great dishwasher if you can't afford that fancy stainless steel or black look. i love it. could be better to have more options on what you can put in. i have a child so bottles would be great to have a special place for. October 10, 2012
Is just an average product We have had the dishwashwer for about 10 months now and more often than not I have to hand wash items after they have been through a cycle in the dishwashwer. because we rent and the landlord had the dishwasher installed, there is not much I can say. If I do not fully load the bottom, then it seems to work ok, but it is such a waste of water to run it half empty. I am not sure I would purchase one if I had the chance. September 27, 2012
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GE® Tall Tub Built-In Dishwasher - GLD5604VWW

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