GE® 3.6 DOE cu. ft. stainless steel capacity washer


This model is no longer being manufactured

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Approx. Dimensions (HxWxD)

42 in x 27 in x 25 1/2 in

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  • HydroWave™ wash system
    Longer, slower* travel through water improves cleaning performance and is gentler on your clothes *Compared to a non-HydroWave washer, WDSR2120
  • Rotary electromechanical controls
    Make it simple to set cycles
  • 4 wash / spin speed combinations
    Washer alternates spin speeds for great clothes care
  • Multiple wash cycles
    Choose from various wash actions for optimal cleaning and clothes care
  • Bleach and fabric softener dispensers
    Solutions are automatically mixed with wash water for bright, soft-to-the-touch results

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GE® 3.6 DOE cu. ft. stainless steel capacity washer - GTWN4000MWS

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GE® 3.6 DOE cu. ft. stainless steel capacity washer - GTWN4000MWS

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GTWN4000MWS 4.8 5 5 5
SAD THAT COMPANIES DISCONTINUE GOOD PRODUCTS This washer has worked well for me & is great for what I paid for it. September 4, 2012
Who needs bells and whistles? I needed a washer to fit a limited space and had a good reputation. It cleans my clothes as well as any more expensive machine. August 31, 2012
I love this washer! I purchased this washer in January 2012. I compared washers online for days, examining features and prices. I wanted an affordable washer that used WATER to wash the clothes! (I don't like HE washers!!!) The water levels on this washer can be set anywhere you wish for any size load. There are several temperature settings and several fabric type settings. All rinse cycles are cold, but I noticed that was the case in all the washers I compared. The washer is very quiet except for a two or three loud "clicks" during the cycle. These "clicks" concerned me at first as I thought something was wrong, but the washer manual assures this is a normal part of the cycle. Now that I know they're normal, I don't notice the clicks anymore. My clothes come out very clean - much, much cleaner than my previous washer. I am VERY happy with this washer's appearance and performance and thought the price was very reasonable. I would buy this washer again. July 24, 2012
GREAT manually controlled non-HE washing machine, GTWN4000MWS First of all, this is a real review, not someone trying to sell this washer. We love this washer. We bought it to replace our smelly 8-year old HE washer which we have hated since day one, but since we paid almost $1,000 for it, we used it. It never seemed to get the clothes clean, it smelled like mold/mildew constantly, even shortly after cleaning it (and we kept it open all the time and we left the laundry room door open all the time too), and we HATED not being able to conrol how much water went into it. Well, this washer is great. YOU decide how much water goes into it. This is as old-school washing machine as you can get. I was a little worried about the hydrowave agitation, but it is actually very good. My only complaint is that you can't use the fabric softener setting on the gentle cycle. I guess maybe it does not spin fast enough so that the fabric softener would be released at the end of the spin. We can live with that. It is VERY quiet when washing, and when spinning is is pretty much normal. We were used to our HE machine which sounded like an airplane when it spun, so this is quieter than that for sure! I want to be clear, there are NO electronics on the control panel of this washer. Nothing. It is old-school rotary-mechanical controls. It is great. November 23, 2011
Great this has got to be the quietest washer I ever used I have to open the lid just to see that it is running you can't hear it and the clothers seem to clean better without using extra detergent and its gently on clothes just like it said I love my new washer also just wanted to say the customer service is far beyond what you expect from any other customer service I have ever delt with they are great and work to meat your personal needs November 10, 2011
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GE® 3.6 DOE cu. ft. stainless steel capacity washer - GTWN4000MWS

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