GE® Household Pre-Filtration System

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Approx. Dimensions (HxWxD)

12 1/2 in x 5 in x 5 in

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  • Cleaner water by reducing dirt, silt, sand and rust from your water
  • Sized for 3/4" plumbing
  • Red pressure-release button
    For easier filter change
  • Includes magnetic filter reminder light, wrench and mounting bracket
  • Use with replacement filter FXWTC (rev. 2), FXUSC (rev. 2), FXWPC or FXWSC (sold separately)

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GE® Household Pre-Filtration System - GXWH04F

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GE® Household Pre-Filtration System - GXWH04F

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Great in the short term; could be improved for the long term We bought and installed this product as part of a GE whole house filter system when we bought the house in 2005. We saw an immediate improvement in the condition of the tubs, tubs, toilets, and dishwasher. However, as we continued to use this product, maintenance became burdensome. With eight people in the house, we had to replace the filter every 45-60 days. If we went longer than that, the water pressure noticeably dwindled. O-ring replacement was hit-or-miss. The rings are not available locally - they are an odd size for the hardware stores in our area and the store where we purchased the system does not carry them. Further, despite the fact that we diligently followed instructions for replacement, the lower barrel would be very difficult to remove. In fact, in seven years of use we have gone through five (5) removal wrenches at an average cost of $10.00 per wrench. We also had to replace the timer motor on the main filter/softener system after only two (2) years. So, while the product filters the water for us, it is a bit inadequate when it comes to long-term care in both the ease of care and the cost of care. While I would not discourage someone from purchasing it, I would advise them of the inadequacies we have found, particularly if they have a large family and use lots of water in short periods. March 9, 2012
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GE® Household Pre-Filtration System - GXWH04F

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