GE® Gas Water Heater


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This model is no longer being manufactured

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  • Full 2-year in-home warranty; limited 12-year warranty on tank and functional parts (see written warranty for complete details)
  • Higher BTU's and thicker insulation for efficiency
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    Offers easy operation inspection of burner and pilot light
  • Child-resistant brass drain valve
  • Self-cleaning system
    Fights lime and sediment build-up

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GE® Gas Water Heater - SG40T12AVG

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GE® Gas Water Heater - SG40T12AVG

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  1. 4 out of 5 stars.

    Easy Install

    Only on day two, so I can't comment on ow long it will last. Very easy install. Came well packaged, no damage. Hooked right up with no changes.. Old unit was 18 years old. Biggest issue was this unit is 3 inches taller than my old unit, so I had to cut down the vent. Install time 1.5 hours and I am no plumber.

    I really have to wonder after reading the feedback, if these folks have ever heard of a water softener. Eliminates any issues with lime/ sediment buildup through out the entire house including the water softener.

  2. 1 out of 5 stars.

    Failed in 1 year 9 months.

    The first GE hot water heater I purchased from Home Depot leaked after two days. I took it back and was given the current heater for free. This one lasted almost 1year and 9 months now it leaks (not from fittings or other areas where fittings are located, it just rusted through the tank on the side near the top. Now I will have to take it back and get another for free (which I do appreciate by the way). If I had a choice (whick I do not) I would get another brand but I cannot aford to do that every two years for a 12 year hot water heater. Also these things are heavy and I am no spring chicken so getting a heavy water heater up and down stairs is a real job.

  3. 1 out of 5 stars.

    2 yrs old - water heater leaks at the cold water inlet, hot outlet and anode rod.

    My water heater has a 40 gallon capacity and uses natural gas. Its model code is SG40T12AVG00. It has a manufacturer's warranty that covers parts and labor during the first year, and parts only during years 2 through 12.

    Initially, I was satisfied with the water heater.

    Then, when the heater was about 2 years old, I discovered the leaks, and I became UNsatisfied. By comparison, one of the two inexpensive, original water heaters in my house was 10 years old before it leaked -- the other one is now 13 years old and still doesn't leak. And, in my two previous houses I had inexpensive water heaters and no problems, of any kind, in 14 years.

GE® Gas Water Heater - SG40T12AVG

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