Top Load Washers - Deep Fill Rinse

On top-load washers with this feature, Deep Rinse should be used when using liquid fabric softener or when a deep fill rinse is needed. When this option is selected, the washer will go into a deep rinse after the agitation cycle.  Not to be confused with Deep Fill which occurs prior to the end of the agitation cycle.

The amount of water used in the Deep Rinse will match the initial water level in the wash cycle, regardless of whether PreciseFill (Auto-Load Sensing) was used or a manual load size was selected.

  • If 2nd Rinse (or Extra Rinse) and Deep Rinse are both selected, the 2nd  or extra rinse is also a deep rinse.
    • This does not apply to models that have a single Option knob that only allows a setting for 2nd Rinse OR a Deep Rinse but not both at the same time.
  • If Deep Fill and Deep Rinse are both selected, the rinse will match the Deep Fill amount.  Selecting Deep Fill only, does not inherently provide a Deep Rinse.
    • Note:  Deep Fill is available on all wash cycles except the Normal/Colors cycle due to 2016 Department of Energy regulations.
  • On models with Warm Rinse, the Deep Rinse will be a warm rinse.
  • Selecting Deep Rinse  may change other settings (e.g. Spin may go to a higher setting) to maximize performance.

For information about the Deep Fill option (on some models), visit: Top Load Washers - Deep Fill