Dishwasher - Detergent Stuck in Cup

To minimize the possibility of electric shock, unplug this appliance from the power supply, or disconnect power at the household circuit breaker/fuse box, before attempting any maintenance or cleaning.

If you have dishwasher detergent stuck in the soap cup after a full cycle, please check for the following conditions:

  • The incoming water temperature to the dishwasher should be 120 degrees (140 degrees if your dishwasher does not have water heating capability).
  • Check the spray arms for any blockage in spray holes or items that would restrict its turning.
  • Verify the spray arms are turning on their own. To test:
    1. Mark the spray arms with a piece of tape or a rubber band or observe their position.  
    2. Run the dishwasher for at least 3 minutes. It is necessary to run the dishwasher for at least three minutes because the spray arms alternate on some models.
    3. Open the dishwasher door and observe the location of the spray arms.  They should be in a different position than when the test was started.  
  • Make sure the soap cup has opened at the end of the cycle.
  • Check the sump area inside the dishwasher for any restrictions.
  • Allow the dishwasher to fill and make sure it is getting a proper amount of water. The dishwasher should fill for about 90 seconds. On Permatuf® plastic tub models, the water should measure 3/8" above the island near the center of the tub. On all other models, the water should measure about 1/2" below the heating element.
  • Make sure the soap cup is not blocked by anything.

View a short video about the soap cup operation: Play Video