Over-the-Range Microwave Oven Charcoal Filter Replacement

A charcoal filter must be used if the over-the-range microwave oven is not vented to the outside.  

Charcoal filters are model specific, so it is important to replace the correct charcoal filter for your model. The charcoal filter is listed in each model's product specifications. View all charcoal filters.

Replacement filters can be ordered from GE Appliance Parts. Purchase a GE Appliance part online.

Here are a few tips on recognizing when a charcoal filter should be replaced:

  • When the filter fills with cooking grease.
  • If, upon using the vent system, odors detected are different from the foods which are being cooked. This would suggest a build-up of heavy grease that has trapped previous cooking odors in the filter.
  • If the entire surface area of the charcoal filter appears to be shiny, this would suggest the presence of a heavy grease build-up since the filter's surface normally appears as dull and porous.

The charcoal filter sits loosely in the filter compartment area behind the vent cover. While most are installed at an angle, some lay flat and unsecured in the filter compartment. They are designed to have freedom of movement until the vent fan is turned on, which then holds the filter in place. The filter can be smaller than the filter compartment, and may not cover the entire vent opening. This is normal.


Instructions on how to change the filter:

Charcoal Filter Replacement Microwaves with Grille Behind Door with Filter Door

Charcoal Filter Replacement Microwaves with Grille Behind Door

Charcoal Filter Replacement Microwaves with Hidden Vent

Charcoal Filter Replacement Microwaves with Grille Above the Door

For specific instructions on accessing and replacing the charcoal filter, consult the Owner's Manual. Download a copy of the Owner's Manual.