Monogram Dual-Fuel Ranges Proof Feature

The Monogramâ„¢ 48" Dual-Fuel stainless steel ranges offer a proofing feature in the small standard clean oven. The proofing feature is used to provide a warm, draft free environment for proofing yeast-leavened products.

When this feature is selected, the broil element is energized with 120 volts for two minutes to slightly warm the oven cavity and is then turned off. At this point, the only heat furnished is from the 40 watt cavity light bulb. This provides a sufficient amount of heat to encourage the rising action in the bread. The temperature holds at about 100 degrees.

Directions for using the Proofing Feature:

  1. Press the PROOF button on the select switch. The oven "on" light will come on as well as the oven light. The "heat" light will not turn on.
  2. When the proofing time is complete, press OFF on the select switch.