Washers Mini-Basket

The GE Mini-Basket was available with many washers prior to 1995, which is when the min-basket was discontinued.

The min-basket saved detergent and water by allowing for flexibility in laundering fine washables. It used 57% less water than a low wash setting.

The exclusive mini-basket tub was a miniature wash basket that fits inside the big wash basket. It let you wash delicate hand washables, other small loads ( up to 2 1/2 lbs.) and "problem" items gently, thoroughly, and automatically. It used less water and detergent compared to the low setting of the large capacity washer.

The mini-wash system with its exclusive mini-basket tub and gentle wash action, eliminated the need to hand wash many delicate items, urgently needed items, and small loads left after a big wash. It was also ideal for "problem" items such as tennis shoes, and its savings of water and detergent are significant. The mini-basket was made of polypropylene plastic.