Benefits of Cooking With Gas vs. Electric

Listed below are some of the benefits of cooking with gas:

Surface Units: Gas has the advantage of being almost instantly off. When the gas burner is shut off, the heat drops immediately. Electric surface units will continue to be warm for a short period of time.

Boiling: The boil on a gas range is not quite as vigorous as on an electric range, giving less chance for boil overs. Gas also offers more immediate temperature adjustability.

Simmer: Simmering on gas burners is generally at a lower temperature than on electric ranges, especially on the small or lower BTU burner.

Roasting/Baking: There should be no difference in the baking or roasting in gas and electric ovens. If there is, the difference is attributed to oven design, not gas vs. electric.

Broil: Gas requires closed door broiling, but cooking performance should be the same.

Cleanability: There should be no difference in the cleanability of gas vs. electric ovens.