Double Wall Ovens - Sabbath Mode

Sabbath Mode on wall ovens is set through the Special Features mode on the oven control. Directions are found in the Owner's Manual for the oven. Download a copy of the Owner's Manual.

When setting the Sabbath Mode on a double wall oven, it activates the Sabbath Mode for both ovens, even though only one oven may be used. At this time there is no way to activate this feature in only one oven.

The Sabbath Mode, when activated, disables:

  • 12-hour automatic shut-off
  • Audible beep tones
  • Temperature roasting probe
  • Clock
  • Temperature display

During the Sabbath Mode, no temperature changes will be displayed, and the oven will operate continuously at the selected temperature. When in Sabbath Mode, the control generates a brief random delay in turning on the bake and broil elements.