Smart Espresso Machine - Benefits of Using the SmartHQ App

Equip your kitchen with a smart espresso machine that syncs with the SmartHQ™ app, to allow you to customize your drink references by volume and strength, while also enabling software updates and providing you with alerts when the appliance needs attention.


Change the default drink settings...

  • Espresso 

  • Lungo*

  • Americano

  • My Cup (or My Brew)

  • Steam*

  • Hot Water

*Setting only available on certain models. 


Get alerts about...

  • Add Water

  • Add/Stir Beans

  • Check Brew Unit

  • Empty Waste

  • Descale

  • Pump Airlock Condition


With a single press of a button, your this automatic espresso machine can provide you with your favorite coffee, be it Espresso, Americano, a custom "My Brew", or just Hot Water. My Brew is set to ristretto and can be adjusted to a favorite espresso recipe via the SmartHQ app.  Find the GE Profile Espresso Machine for you.