Advantium - Interior Light Operation While Microwaving

Advantium 240 light operation:

  • The oven interior (cavity) light will illuminate anytime the door is open. However, due to the dark tint on the oven door, there is not a light on while cooking since the food would not be visible using the interior lamp.
  • Food may be viewed during a microwave cycle by pressing the Microwave/Oven Light or Defrost pad (depending on model). One of the Upper Level Speedcook lamps will come on for 5 seconds. The Microwave/Oven Light pad can be pressed up to 5 times during a microwave cooking cycle. The limit of 5 times is to prevent excessive heat on microwave cookware from the Speedcook lamp.

Advantium 120 light operation:

  • The oven cavity is illuminated anytime the door is opened and while the unit is in the microwave only mode. As a result it will not have the Microwave/Oven Light pad.

The interior lights in Advantium ovens is not consumer-replaceable. If the light is not coming on or operating properly, you will want to have it checked by an authorized service technician. For service, please schedule an appointment with GE Appliances Factory Service.