Advantium - Recipe Conversion

There is no mathematical equation that is used to convert an Advantium Recipe to a traditional/conventional recipe (or vice versa). This is more of a trial-and-error process. Such conversions require testing each recipe.

  • If you are trying to convert a traditional /conventional recipe to an Advantium recipe, we recommend that you start by checking your Advantium pre-programmed menu or our Advantium Recipes & Tips site  for a recipe with similar food content and amounts. Then, use the recommended cook settings for the Upper lamps (U), Lower lamps (L), and Microwave (M), and the recommended cooking time. Other than that, this is strictly a trial-and-error recipe development process.
  • If you are wanting to convert an Advantium recipe to a traditional/conventional recipe, you may want to search through your traditional cookbooks, or on the web, to see if you can find a recipe with similar ingredients and measurements and start from there. This is so that the consistency and density of the prepared products that you are wanting to cook are similar. There would still be a trial-and-error factor in determining the best oven temperature and the amount of time needed to cook the ingredients that are in the Advantium recipe, but such similarities would probably be the best gauge in determining these settings.
  • While attempting either type of recipe conversion, it is very important that you monitor the food closely to prevent overcooking, and to help recognize any adjustments you may need to make during your recipe conversion process. Be sure to keep track of the actual cooking times, temperatures, and any adjustments that you make to the settings.