Microwave - Cavity Repair Needed Due to Arcing, Chipping, Peeling or Scorching

Arcing is the microwave term for sparks in the oven, which can be caused by metal or foil touching the side of the oven, using metal utensils or improper placement of the metal rack on the shelf supports. Please read and follow the Owner's Manual for important safety instructions. 

  • In the event of a hole in the microwave’s cavity wall, the damage is non-repairable and you should discontinue use of the product. It is also recommended that the microwave be replaced if arcing continues to occur.
  • Minor chips to the coating on the microwave's interior cavity will not affect the product's performance.

If the coating is actively flaking or paint is peeling anywhere inside the oven cavity (including under the turntable) discontinue the use of the microwave and replace it. The microwave is not repairable.

  • The cavity coating in our microwave ovens is selected to be safely used as a food-contact surface and meets our and applicable government requirements for such use.
  • No lead or other toxic materials are added to the cavity coating material used in our microwave ovens.
  • The inadvertent ingestion of small amounts of peeling coating does not create a health risk.

We do not have an approved repair method for chips/burns/scratches to the coatings.