Range & Wall Oven - Cleaning Interior Window

To clean the interior glass window on a range or wall oven, it is best to run through a self-clean cycle for proper interior cleaning. If the interior window on the door does not come clean after using the self-clean cycle or if the oven is a standard or continuous clean model, please try the following:

  • Clean with a soapy, damp (not dripping wet) cloth.

  • Use a non-abrasive cleaner such as baking soda, Bon-Ami, or SoftScrub and a plastic scouring ball or sponge scrubber to clean heavy soil and grease stains from the window.


Do not allow cleaner or water to get on the oven door gasket.


If streaks have appeared between the glass in the door, please see our Range & Wall Oven - Cleaning Between the Oven Door Glass article.