Microwave Error, Fault or Function Codes

Fault codes are programmed in all microwave oven controls. These codes help our technicians quickly diagnose issues with the microwave oven. In the event that the electronic control displays a fault code, a trained Service Technician should be called to diagnose and correct the issue.

A summary of the most common fault codes and their meanings are listed below:

Fault codeDefinition
F1Open Thermal Sensor, due to excessive heat in microwave cavity
F2Shorted thermal sensor
F3Shorted touch pad panel
F4Open humidity sensor
F5Shorted humidity sensor
F6Shorted temperature probe
F10Shorted touch screen

Open temperature probe or the probe is not plugged in during a temp cook function. Make sure probe is firmly inserted into the wall of microwave and the food item.

888, 8888 or PFIt is possible to see this display upon initial installation or after power was restored due to a power failure. This display can be cancelled and normal operation resumed by touching the CLEAR pad. The clock can be reset on models so equipped.
18 power watch codeIndication of an issue with the electronic control in the microwave.


Sometimes shutting off the circuit breaker that the microwave oven is connected to for 30 seconds will clear the fault, error or function code; however, there are some cases when further service may be required.

For service, please schedule an appointment with GE Appliances Factory Service.