Microwave Arcing In Cavity

Arcing may occur for several reasons. The below suggestions may be helpful:

  • Gold or Metal cooking utensils can cause arcing between the metal and the microwave case. Gold or metal trimmed cooking utensils can cause arcing as well.
  • Poultry pins, twist-ties, and recycled paper towels (often embedded with minute pieces of metal) may also cause arcing.
  • Leaving the cooking probe in the microwave cavity not inserted into the food can cause arcing.
  • Make sure that the metal cooking rack is firmly in place and seated properly.
  • Make sure the rack is not installed upside down. On some Over the Range microwaves, the rack can be placed right side up or upside down.
  • The shelf should only be used in the microwave when cooking with 2 levels. For proper use, you need to have food on the shelf and below the shelf. If the shelf is left in without food on it, arcing can occur.
  • It has been found that some vegetables such as green beans and carrots may cause an arcing effect/sparking (on the food product itself) when cooked in the microwave.

Possible reasons why this arcing occurs:

  • The vegetables are not covered.
  • The types of seasoning (i.e.: bacon grease, onions, etc)
  • Little (if any) water surrounding the vegetables.

This is not a problem with the microwave. In order to eliminate the arcing, cover the food product and/or add water.