Dryer Power Cords


Most electric dryer power cords are sold separately to ensure that they comply with all state and local wiring codes. These codes can vary significantly from state to state, and even, city to city. Since it is not possible to anticipate the final destination of a dryer as it leaves the assembly line and install the proper cord, the local dealer usually provides the power cord. The cord type will vary according to the home's wiring (ex. 3-wire connection vs 4-wire connection).

To better accommodate electric code changes, electric dryer power cords will be available as a separate part for specific models products. Power cords can be purchased by calling GE Appliance Parts at 800.626.2002 or purchase GE Parts or Accessories online.

To ensure the performance and safety of the dryer, we do not recommend reusing the existing power cord from the previous dryer.

For installation instructions for the dryer and power cord connection: Download a copy of the Installation Instructions.



The length of the power cord on a gas Top Load and Front Load dryers is 70".