Canning on Gas and Electric Ranges and Cooktops

Canning should be done on surface units only. Normally, pots that extend beyond one inch of the cooking element's trim ring are not recommended for most surface cooking; however, when canning with a water-bath, pressure canner, or pressure cooker, larger diameter pots may be used. This is because boiling water temperatures (even under pressure) are not harmful to cooktop surfaces surrounding the surface units.


This information also pertains to both coil burners (including Sensi-Temp burners) and glass cooktop surfaces.


Observe the following points in canning:


  • Do not use large diameter canners or other large diameter pots for frying or boiling foods other than water.

  • Flat bottomed canners must be used.

  • When canning, use recipes and procedures from reputable sources. These are available from canning jar manufacturers and county extension offices.

  • Remember that canning is a process that generates large amounts of steam and heat. Use extreme caution.