Plastic Film on the Microwave Door

ExteriorMany microwaves are now packed with a plastic film applied to the outside of the door and control panel. This is similar to the film that would cover chrome trim parts to prevent scratching during shipping and is used for the same reason on the microwave. Remove the film before using the microwave. This is a static cling film that should peel off easily.

InteriorThe inside of the microwave door is covered with a thick, clear plastic sheet that should not be removed. The purpose of this plastic is to prevent any interference with the metal screen in the door. This covering is glued on. Should this be removed or become damaged, the microwave should not be used and service should be contacted.

On some microwaves, there may be a white plastic strip (or tape) on the inside of the door where the window meets the door frame. This is a protective film and should be removed.

For service, please schedule an appointment with GE Appliances Factory Service.