Vent Hood - Cleaning Metal Grease Filters

With careful use and handling, metal grease filters will last for years. How often you need to clean the metal grease filters in range hoods and over-the-range microwave ovens is dependent upon what type of cooking is done. For normal day to day use, filters should be cleaned about every six months, or as needed. The cleaning instructions listed below are the instructions for the most common metal grease filters.


To remove the filters:

  1. Slide the filter using the tabs.

  2. Most newer models have a locking tab on the filter and you pull downward on the filter lock to release the filter.

  3. Pull the filter down and out.


To clean the filters:

  • Soak them and then swish the filters around in hot water and detergent. Allow the filter to dry completely before putting it back in place.

  • Light brushing may be used to help remove embedded soil and dust.

  • Do not use ammonia or ammonia products when cleaning the filter.

  • Dishwasher cleaning is acceptable, but it may discolor the filter.


To replace the filters:

  1. Slide the filter into the frame slot(s).

  2. Press up and slide into place.

  3. For models with the locking tab on the filter, fit the tabs at the bottom of the filter into the slots in the back of the filter opening. Lift up the front side of the filter and push gently until the filter locks into place. Make sure the filter lock is in the closed position to secure the filter.


If there is any doubt as to the type of filter you have or if these instructions do not match up to your filter, please consult the Owner's Manual for your specific model.