Air Conditioner - Cleaning the Filter

The air filter in your room air conditioner should be cleaned every 30 days to ensure unrestricted airflow and optimum performance. The filter removal and location varies depending upon the specific model you own. Please consult the Owner's Manual for instructions specific for your model.


Air Filter Cleaning Do's and Don'ts:

  • Do: You can vacuum the filter gently using the brush attachment on your vacuum.

  • Do: You can wash the filter in warm water. If the filter is very dirty, add a little mild dish detergent in the warm water when you clean the filter.

  • Do: Running a little water mixed with some baking soda over the filter before rinsing it can help remove accumulated odor. Be careful not to tear or damage the filter while cleaning it.

  • Don't: The filter cannot be cleaned in the dishwasher.

  • Don't: You should not reinstall a damp filter. Wait for it to dry completely before installing it.

  • Don't: You should not use the air conditioner until the filter has been put back in place.


If you need a new filter, you can Order a Replacement Filter Online.