Refrigerator - Benefits of the Energy-Saver Feature

When a refrigerator door is opened, the cool air inside meets the warm, moist air and could potentially cause condensation around the door. To help prevent this from occurring, some older model refrigerators have mullion heaters around the front frame of the refrigerator and freezer to discourage moisture on your cabinet exterior and between the doors. Most models have an automatic energy saver system with a condenser loop around the opening of the freezer and fresh food compartment. This eliminates the need for special mullion heaters and a manual energy saver switch.

GE Appliances and Hotpoint branded refrigerators sometimes have an energy saver switch or pad on the control to give you the option of turning your heaters off to cut energy costs. Turning off the heaters means placing the refrigerator in Energy Saver mode (turning the feature on).

  • Energy-saver switches will be labeled "Set Here If Moisture Appears On Exterior". Setting the switch to the right turns heaters on. Some models have a touchpad feature to turn this feature on.

To view a short video about the Energy Saver feature: