Dishwasher - Bottle Wash Jets

The Bottle Wash option is ideal for cleaning items with narrow openings. Four specially designed tines (also called jets) in the upper rack direct water and detergent inside containers like baby and sports bottles, wine flutes, and travel mugs to effectively clean those hard-to-reach areas.

The Bottle Jets clips hold bottles with small openings in place so water is directed inside the bottles to clean hard to reach areas. Clips can be installed or removed by simply slipping the clip opening over the top of the nozzle.

Bottle Wash Features

  • Each of the 4 Bottle Wash tines has 4 separate jets of water.
  • Removable clips on the tines hold items in place during the wash.
  • On/Off pad - Water sprays through tines even when "Off". "On" adds additional wash time to ensure better cleaning.

Bottle Wash Facts

  • Using the Bottle Wash option may add up to 23 minutes to the cycle time.
  • Bottle compatibility will depend on the bottle's height, thickness and how it sits on top of the Bottle Jets. Most models will have approximately 9 inches of clearance. An additional 2” is possible on Dishwasher models with an adjustable upper rack, placed in the lower position. For models with both the 3rd rack and the adjustable upper rack features, approximately 7 inches of clearance is possible in the top rack position and 9 inches in the lower position.
  • Bottle Wash Jets cannot be added to models without this feature.
  • All wash water passes through the Ultra Fine Filter and Fine Filter before going to the Bottle Jets. Any particles that can pass through these filters can easily flow through the Bottle Jets, keeping them free of any build-up. These filters should be cleaned frequently. The Owner's Manual says every other month or more depending on usage.

View a Video on How the Bottle Wash Jets Work

Video - GE Appliance Dishwashers With Bottle Wash Jets
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Additional Support

Note: We do not recommend removing the Bottle Jets from the rack. However, the Bottle Jet clips can be removed. Without the clips, the Bottle Jets are not much more intrusive than a rack tine.
Consult the Owner's Manual for the Dishwasher you own for more information on using the Bottle Wash option.