Dishwashers Floor Protect / Leak Protection Feature

Dishwashers with Floor Protect have a pan below the unit that catches small leaks up to 19 oz. Small leaks will usually evaporate once they hit the pan. With larger leaks, the pan tilts forward so the water is directed out the front of the unit where it can be seen and corrected.

Dishwashers with Floor Protect with Alert have a pan with a moisture sensor below the unit and will show “LEAK DETECTED” on the display if moisture is detected. The dishwasher will also cancel the cycle and pump out any remaining water when this occurs. If the dishwasher is also beeping, disconnect power to the dishwasher until the dishwasher can be repaired.

If you experience leaking from underneath the dishwasher or get the “LEAK DETECTED” message, service will be needed.   For service, please schedule an appointment with GE Appliances Factory Service.