Refrigerator - Dispenses Crushed Ice Only, No Cubes

If the dispenser on the refrigerator door is only dispensing crushed ice, you can try the following in an attempt to remedy the situation:

  • It is normal to get a slight amount of crushed or broken ice cubes before or while dispensing cubed ice. This is most common after crushed ice was used and you then select cubes. The remaining chips in the crusher blades or the bottom of the bucket get picked up as cubed ice is dispensing.

  • When cubed ice is selected, dispensing cubes requires energizing a lever behind the ice bucket to open a flap and allow whole cubes to come out. If an ice cube gets behind the ice bucket, this can prevent the lever from working. Remove the ice bucket and check for ice that may have fallen behind the bucket.

  • If no ice cubes are behind the bucket, try to dispense ice with the bucket removed. Shut the door, press the ice dispenser and listen for a loud snapping noise. If no snap is heard service will be needed. If you hear a snap, reinsert the bucket and try dispensing cubed ice again. If still no cubes, then check for frozen ice in the bucket.


To remove and check the ice bucket:

  1. On Side-by-Side style refrigerators with the ice bucket in the freezer compartment, pull the ice bin out by lifting it up in front and sliding it forward. On Bottom-Freezer style refrigerators with the ice bucket in the left fresh food door, open the ice box door on the inside of the left door. Then, pull up and out on the ice bucket to remove it.

  2. Check for and remove clumped or shaved ice in the bucket.

  3. If ice remains, run the ice bucket under warm water until the ice melts completely. Dry the bucket thoroughly.

  4. Reinstall the ice bucket by pushing it all the way back against the freezer wall on Side-by-Side models. On Bottom-Freezer models, reinstall the ice bucket by setting it on the guide brackets and pushing it until the ice bucket seats properly. Note: If you are having difficulty getting the ice bucket seated properly, rotate the ice bucket fork a 1/4 turn clockwise and try again.

  5. Allow time for the icemaker to cycle again and make ice cubes.

  6. Select CRUSHED ICE and then CUBED ICE.

  7. Try the dispenser again.


If the problem continues after trying these things, we recommend service. For service, please schedule an appointment with GE Appliances Factory Service.