Range Preheat Light

Below is information regarding the Preheat light.

  • Most ovens reach a desired temperature within 12-15 minutes.
  • Some ovens have a pre-heat light that glows until the oven reached selected temperature reaches and then goes out.
  • Some models have an indicator that glows when the oven reaches the selected temperature, and will continue to glow until the oven is turned off. On these models, if you adjust the temperature up or down after reaching the original pre-heat temperature, the pre-heat light will not go off. To re-activate the pre-heat light and signal, it is necessary to turn the oven off and then back on.
  • Some models have an indicator light that will glow until the oven reaches the selected temperature and then cycle on and off with the elements when a raise in temperature is needed.

Check the individual Owner's Manual for specific model and usage information. Download a copy of the Owner's Manual.