Refrigerator Dispenser Water Flow Test

Water pressure test for both internal and external dispenser models with a water filter:

  • An adequate cold water supply is crucial for satisfactory icemaker and dispenser operation on these models.
  • The water pressure must be between 40 and 120 psi (pounds per square inch). Pressures below 40 psi may cause a malfunction of the icemaker (i.e. producing hollow cubes or slow ice production).
  • A slow water dispenser could be an indication of a clogged filter.

Perform the following test if you suspect the filter is clogged:
Dispense water from the dispenser (internal or external) into a large measuring cup for 20 seconds.

  • If the water is less than 13.5 ounces (400 cubic centimeters), the water flow is inadequate. If the unit passes the test the dispenser is working properly.
  • If the unit fails the test remove the filter, insert the bypass plug and try it again. If the unit passes the test with the bypass plug in place it is time to replace the filter. Purchase a GE Appliance part online.
  • If the unit fails the test with bypass plug in place then you may have poor water flow.  If you need the bypass plug and one was not supplied with the refrigerator or has been misplaced, one can be ordered at no charge by calling 1-800-GECARES. In Canada, call 800-561-3344.

Water flow problems could be the result of a kink in the supply tubing, a clogged saddle-valve, or poor water pressure. If the supply tubing is not kinked and the saddle-valve is okay, then the problem is poor water pressure coming into the refrigerator. You will need to check with your water company or a local plumber to correct.