Oven Incorrect Temperature in Convection / Auto Recipe Conversion

If the oven will not set the right temperature while in a Convection mode, the oven may have the Auto Recipe™ Conversion feature. Many of our cooking products that feature convection oven baking and roasting will have this conversion feature.

Auto Recipe™ conversion is used in Convection Bake and Convection Roast*.  When the oven is set for Auto Recipe™ conversion you will see CON appear shortly after setting the temperature and then the oven will automatically be set for 25 degrees less than the temperature entered. On most newer ranges, the display will show the set temperature, not the converted temperature.

Less heat output is required for the CONVECTION BAKE mode because the oven uses two different methods of cooking.

  • Convection: Hot air is circulated around the food to cook.
  • Conventional: Electric heating elements cook the food.

*On some models. Consult the Owner's Manual for more information about this feature. Download a copy of your Owner's Manual