Refrigerator Neverclean Condenser

On refrigerators, air is "forced" across the condenser coils by a condenser fan to aid in removal of the heat being pulled from the refrigerator during the cooling process. This movement of air collects dust and household debris. Dirty condenser coils reduce the refrigerator's ability to maintain optimal temperatures or operate at maximum energy efficiency.

Newer automatic defrost refrigerators have a NeverClean Condenser that does not require cleaning or maintenance.

  • The condenser coils are located in the compressor housing instead of on the back, keeping them clean and functioning optimally. This design allows for more efficient airflow.
  • The coils will not require cleaning under normal condition since they are encased.
While it is not necessary for the performance of the refrigerator, if you want to clean dust, pet hair, etc. off the floor beneath the refrigerator, an appliance brush or vacuum with a hose attachment can be used. You can purchase an appliance brush set (PM14X10056) from GE Appliance Parts. Order a GE Appliance Part online.

For more information on the brush set: Appliance Brush Set