Dishwashers - SmartDispense

Dishwashers with SmartDispense were the first dishwashers to have a system to automatically dispense just the right amount of detergent in every cycle (including each pre-wash) based on your water hardness and the soil level of the dishes. This is not a feature on current dishwashers.SmartDispense was designed for precise performance, time-saving convenience, and simplicity and conservation. Most unique was the dishwasher's ability to hold an entire bottle of liquid or gel dishwasher detergent and dispense just the right amount for each wash. 

  • Stainless tub models hold 47 oz of detergent

  • Plastic tub models hold 40 oz. of detergent


How Smart Dispense works:

Detergent amounts dispensed are determined based on water hardness in the home, soil level of dishes, size of dish load (based on soil level), water temperature and cycle selection. The detergent is automatically dispensed throughout each pre-wash and wash cycle as needed. A low detergent light (LED) signals when detergent begins to deplete and approximately three to seven more washes remain in the reservoir. Refills are typically only necessary once every two months, saving the hassle of loading detergent before every wash.To obtain the most precise dishwashing performance possible, a water hardness test kit was included to test the level of water hardness in the home's water. If you would like to obtain another water hardness test strip (WD01X10295), please contact our Parts Center at 1.800.626.2002 or purchase online. Instructions come with the water hardness test strip or view the Water Hardness Test Strip Instructions. The dishwasher is automatically set to a hardness level of 5 (the maximum). The dishwasher can be used until you can test and set your hardness for optimum cleaning performance. A bottle of detergent in the SmartDispense dispenser will only last for about 1 month with daily use if the hardness level is left at 5.Information on how to use your SmartDispense Dishwasher and how to set your water hardness level can be found in your Owner's Manual. Download a copy of the Owner's Manual.

View a short video about calibrating water hardness: 

View a short video about using SmartDispense: