Gas Burner or Oven Flame Too High or Uneven

Most gas ranges and cooktops are set for natural gas at the factory. If the burner or oven flames are too high (ex. touching or above the grate) or are uneven, this could be an indication the range or cooktop was improperly converted from a natural gas setting to LP (Liquid Propane). If the unit was recently converted, contact your installer or local Gas Company to correctly convert the range or cooktop.

Other causes for uneven flames:

  • Flame may be uneven where the electrode (igniter) is located.
  • Some burners intentionally have an uneven flame, like a center oval burner. One side has shorter flames than the other, which decreases the likelihood it will go out because of a closed door, etc.
  • The Power Boil burner has an irregular teeth pattern. The reason is that the burner is optimized to give both good high "Power Boil" heat performance as well as provide good performance and flame size at other settings.
  • A Tri-ring burner has a burner head with three rings which may contribute to the appearance of an uneven flame.
  • Additionally, flame problems can occur if the wrong burner head is being used or if the burner head is not sitting flat on the burner base.
  • Burner slots on the side of the burner may be clogged. Remove the burners for cleaning. See the Care and Cleaning section of your Owner's Manual.