Front Load Washers - Fabric Softener Dispenser Feature

Liquid fabric softener can be used in our front load washers by adding it to the dispenser drawer. There is not a need to pour fabric softener directly on the wash load.To add fabric softener: 

  1. Slowly pull the drawer out until it stops.

  2. Pour the recommended amount of fabric softener into the compartment labeled Fabric Softener.

  3. Dilute with water to the maximum fill line. Do not exceed the maximum fill line.

  4. Carefully close the drawer.

Here are some things to note: 

  • Overfilling can cause fabric softener to dispense too early, which can result in stained clothes.

  • It is normal to see water in the fabric softener compartment. This is a result of the siphoning action of the dispenser drawer.