Gas Range Electric Ignition for Gas Surface Burners

All GE Appliances gas cooking products have electric igniters for the top burners. Gas will start flowing only to the selected burner as soon as the knob is turned on.

There are 2 basic types of burners:

  • Sealed Burners are found on models that do not lift-up. Sealed burner models have 4 individual spark igniters, one for each burner. When selecting to light any "one" burner on sealed units all four spark igniters will spark together. This is done intentionally to allow operation of 1 spark control module rather than 4, one for each burner.
  • Twin "Standard" Burners, found on some lift-top models, will have 2 spark igniters; one igniter for the left front and left rear burner one igniter for the right front and right rear burner. When selecting to light any "one" burner both spark igniters will come on. These are often referred to as Twin Burner models because 1 igniter lights either one or both burners on each side of the range and the burners lift out of the range as a set of 2 to be cleaned.

For all models, if the igniters still click after lighting and turning to the heat position the range needs service. Check to make sure all burners/knobs are in off position. If this has been done and the clicking persists, as a safeguard, the range should be unplugged or the breaker turned off. The gas should also be turned off until service can check the range.