Refrigerator Normal Run Time

For refrigerators and freezers to maintain proper temperature, the compressor will run much of the time.  Newer refrigerators have smaller, more powerful, high-speed compressors that are designed to run 80 % to 90% of the time. This makes them more energy efficient because the greatest amount of energy used when the compressor cycles on.

Average operating temperatures:
  • Upright or Chest Freezer: 0 degrees F
  • Refrigerator: -5 to +8 degrees F (Freezer); 34 to 42 degrees F (Fresh Food)
Factors that contribute to run time:
  • In extremely hot, humid areas, run time may approach 100%.
  • Loading the refrigerator or freezer with a large amount of food, especially warm or hot foods.
  • An empty or lightly loaded freezer. The freezer should be at least 3/4 full to maintain proper temperatures and reduce time.
  • When the door is opened, some of the heavy cold air slides out of the cabinet, pulling warm air in at the top.
  • Damaged or dirty door gaskets. See Refrigerator Interior and Gasket Care and Cleaning.
  • Blocked air vents in the freezer section.
  • Dirty condenser coils on model that do not have a NeverClean condenser. See Cleaning Condenser Coils on Refrigerator
  • Interior light not turning off when door is closed.