Washers Oil on Clothes After Washing

The 1995 and newer washer transmission design makes it impossible for oil from transmission to get into washer and splatter on clothing.

Most of the time it is caused by splatters from cooking oil. Stains from foods or cooking oils, sometimes called "invisible stains", may not be noticed as you put clothes in the washer. If not completely removed in the wash cycle, the oily spots may pick up dirt from wash water making the spots visible. The washer does not cause these spots.

To prevent:

  • Wash garments as soon as practical after wearing, using more detergent than normal and the hottest wash water fabric can stand.

To correct:

  • Rub in undiluted detergent, let stand 30 minutes and rewash, using hottest water fabric can stand.

If your water is extremely hot, 150 degrees or higher, the water inlet hose(s) could start to break down, causing black greasy stains on clothes. Refer to the Owner's Manual for your water heater, set the temperature accordingly, and replace the inlet hose(s).