Refrigerator - Freezer Door Pops Open

It is not unusual on a two-door refrigerator for one door to pop open when the other door is being closed. The refrigerator and freezer sections are connected by air channels to allow air to pass between them. Slamming or vigorously pushing a door shut forces air from one cavity into the other, often pushing the second door open.


If the freezer door stays open:

  • Check the leveling legs. The front of the refrigerator should be slightly higher than the back to allow the door to close normally. When properly adjusted, the door will close smoothly and firmly on its own. For information on leveling, see Refrigerator - How to Level.

    • This does not apply to built-in models. If your built-in model door is popping open, please schedule a service appointment with GE Appliances Factory Service.

  • Check to see if the refrigerator door gasket is sealing properly. If not, wash the entire gasket with baking soda and water (1 part baking soda to 3 parts water), especially on the hinge side. Then, lubricate the hinge side of the gasket with paraffin wax (not candle wax).

    • All refrigerator door gaskets are designed to rub against the face of the refrigerator as they close. Keeping the gaskets clean and lubricated prevents them from dragging and restricting door closure.

  • Place heavier items in the freezer door compartments to provide some ballast (weight), since this is the smaller door and is more likely to pop open.

  • Make sure there is nothing in the freezer or refrigerator that is preventing a door from closing tightly.