Dishwashers - Explanation of the LED Countdown Display

On electronic models with the countdown display, you may notice the dishwasher does not display the same time each time you start a cycle, and sometimes the count down display time jumps around. This is normal. 

View a short video about the dishwasher electronic timer:



All models with count down displays are "smart" dishwashers. 

  • This means the dishwasher has a dirt and temperature sensor that measures wash conditions.

  • The dishwasher automatically adjusts the wash cycle for water temperature and soil levels.


These dishwashers also have a "memory."


  • Remembers conditions from previous wash cycles.

  • When the dishwasher is started, the displayed time is an estimate, based on cycles selected and wash times from previous cycles.

  • As a result, the displayed run time at the start of a load may vary from wash load to wash load, even if the same options are always used.

  • If conditions are different than they were on recent previous cycles, the dishwasher will adjust wash times to give great results with the current soil load and water temperature.

If you notice a time "jump", this is normal. It is the dishwasher's way of letting you know that the current cycle will run longer or shorter than what was expected because of the wash load conditions.