Top Load Washer - Water Level and Load Size

It is important to have the proper ratio of clothes and water in the washer tub to get good cleaning performance each time you do laundry. The Owner's Manual for your specific washer model will have information on the proper loading of clothes to water level. Below is a chart providing a description of washer water levels and typical load size:


Washer Water Level SettingTypical Load Size
SmallLess than 1/3 full of clothes
MediumBetween 1/3 and 1/2 full of clothes
LargeBetween 1/2 and 2/3 full of clothes
Extra Large and SuperOver 2/3 full of clothes


  • We recommend trying to match water levels and load size as closely as possible.

  • Load dry items loosely, no higher than the top row of holes in the washer tub.

  • Using too much water can result in poor washing performance due to lower detergent ratio.

  • Using too little water can cause poor rinsing, linting problems, wrinkling and excessive wear on fabrics.

  • Try to wash the same type of materials together. For example, do not wash lint producing fabrics with lint "collecting" fabrics. An example of this would be washing towels with corduroy.

View a short video on getting the best wash performance from your washer: