Refrigerator - Cubes Won't Drop From Icemaker Mold

If the ice cubes are stuck in the icemaker mold and will not eject, check the following things to see if this is something you can fix yourself or if your refrigerator requires service.


  1. Make sure the icemaker is plugged in and turned on.

  2. Check the water supply to the fridge and make sure it is turned on.

  3. Check to see if the icemaker is "paused."

    • Is the paddle in the back position or the wire feeler arm in the off (up) position?

  4. Piled up ice cubes in the storage bin will cause the icemaker to shut off.

    • To correct, level the cubes in the bin or remove some of the ice.

  5. Make sure an ice cube(s) is not stuck in the icemaker.

    • If there is, turn the icemaker off, remove the ice cube(s) and turn the icemaker back on.

  6. The freezer may not cold enough to allow ice to be produced.


If these suggestions do not resolve the issue, we recommend service. For service, please schedule an appointment with GE Appliances Factory Service.