Washers - Colored Stains on Clothes

Blue, green, yellow, pink, white, orange, or gray colored stains are probably caused by improper use of your fabric softener. 

To Prevent:


  • Undiluted fabric softener should never be poured directly on the fabric. Be sure to dilute before you add to the rinse water.

  • If your washer is equipped with a fabric softener dispenser, dilute the softener before filling the dispenser. Also, lifting the lid during the spin, following the wash, may cause improper dispensing, which can result in stains.

To Correct:


  • Dampen the stained area with as hot of water as safe for the fabric.

  • If spotting is in a small area, rub bar soap on the spots and rinse thoroughly.

  • If staining is throughout the garment, or an entire load of clothes, launder twice using liquid detergent and as hot of water as safe for the fabric.