Removing Objects and Clearing Jams from Disposer

To minimize the possibility of electric shock, unplug this appliance from the power supply before attempting any maintenance or cleaning.

To remove objects stuck in the disposer:

  1. Turn the power switch to the OFF position.
  2. Disconnect power at the main fuse or circuit breaker.
  3. Remove stopper and splash guard.
  4. Check interior of hopper, using a flashlight if necessary for objects that will not grind properly such as: glass or metal, clam or oyster shells, large bones, plastic or aluminum.
  5. Use long handled tongs to remove any such objects. To clear jammed disposer:

Follow steps 1-5 above and place a broom, mop handle, long wooden spoon or un-jamming tool (part number WX05X10300) into disposer hopper and rotate or turn flywheel. The flywheel turns clockwise.

Caution: Never put your hand or any portion of your body in the disposer.