Dryer - How to Clean Lint Filter

The up-front Dryer lint filter is conveniently located in the front of the Dryer and is easy to remove for cleaning. We recommend that the Dryer lint filter be cleaned after each use of the Dryer.

Removing the Filter

Grab the filter at the top, center and pull up.
Dryer Filter

Cleaning the Filter Frequency

After Each Use

Clean the filter by placing your moistened fingers at the corner of the filter and wiping in a downward motion. Continue all the way across to the other corner.


If a fabric softener or anti-static conditioner is used, the lint filter should be washed periodically. Use warm soapy water to remove the residue from the filter screen.

If You Get Clean Filter Message

  • Some Dryers with electronic controls have a "Clean Filter" reminder that appears after each cycle is finished and will stay on the display until the next load is run.
  • This is a reminder message (not sensor based) and appears on the display even if the lint filter has been cleaned. It cannot be disabled.

How to Clean the Lint Filter Opening

  • Unplug the Dryer first. Then, you can use an appliance brush, extendable lint brush or use a vacuum with the hose attachment to clean this area.
  • Our Appliance Brush Set (PM14X10056) is designed for Refrigerator coils, Dryers, venting and more.

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