Laundry Suggestions for Sorting Clothes

In most cases, if clothes are sorted properly for washing, they will also be properly sorted for drying loads.  Try also to sort items according to size. For example, do not dry a sheet with socks or other small items.


The following are some suggestions for proper sorting:


  • Sort by surface texture. Separate lint producers from lint collectors.

    • Lint Producers: Terry cloth and chenille are good examples.

    • Lint Collectors: Man-made fabrics and napped fabrics, such as velveteen and corduroy, are good examples.

  • Sort by fabric type. It is recommended that fabrics of similar construction be dried together whenever possible. Separate cottons and linens from synthetics and blends and separate polyester knits from delicate fabrics.

  • Sort by color. Separate whites from dark colors and colorfast fabrics from non-colorfast.

  • Sort by weight. Separate heavy items, such as towels from light items, such as curtains.