Magnetism of Appliance Finishes

Stainless steel can vary in its magnetism. Some stainless steel will not hold a magnet. If you are looking for a stainless appliance that will hold a magnet, we recommend bringing a magnet to test when shopping for your appliance.


  • Slate is a low-gloss matte metallic paint finish on steel with stainless handles. The Slate surface will hold a magnet.

  • Black Slate  is a low-gloss matte paint finish on steel with stainless handles. The Black Slate surface will hold a magnet.

  • CleanSteel is a laminate vinyl with the look of stainless, so magnets will stick to CleanSteel appliances.

  • Silver and Silver Metallic is a painted finish with a similar look to stainless. It will hold a magnet.

  • Magnets will not stick to microwave doors and other plastic surfaces.




Most 2017 and newer stainless steel refrigerators will hold a magnet. For older models or for models not addressed below, we recommend testing it with a magnet while you are shopping.



  • Bottom Freezer and French Door - All models except Cafe will hold a magnet. This includes Black Stainless and Fingerprint Resistant Stainless; however, we strongly advise not to use magnets on Black Stainless or Fingerprint Resistant Stainless doors because they can damage the finish.

  • Side by Side - All models will hold a magnet except built-in models (42" and 48" PSB/CSB models). This includes counter depth models, which will hold a magnet.

  • Top freezer - 15, 16, 17, 18, 19 & 22 cubic ft models will hold a magnet.