Dryer Timer is Not Advancing

When a dryer timer is set on a Timed function, the timer knob will advance incrementally. This is normal.

When the dryer is set to an automatic cycle, the timer will advance sporadically. At times, it may appear that the timer is not advancing; however, if the timer advances periodically during the indicated cycle this is a normal operation.

  • The automatic thermostat control system continually senses the temperature of the air in the dryer drum.
  • Wet laundry keeps this air cool. When the laundry is dry enough, the heat turns off.

If the timer is not advancing in the Automatic cycle and/or the Timed cycle, it will require diagnosis to determine what parts are needed. If you would like to schedule a service appointment, please contact GE Appliance Service at 1800-432-2737 or schedule an appointment online.